DIDIK 3-D (Stereo) Television Systems


Starting in 1978, Frank Didik developed and produced a series
of stereo 3-D television systems which employed, as far as is
presently known, was the first use lenticular screens in live and
recorded television.

Didik Model 3D-TV1 was a lenticular 19" rear projection type
television system that was capable of playing back special 3-D
recorded 3/4" U-Matic tapes. 3-D images were also recorded on IVC
1" recorders capable of recording Hi-Band 525 line images. For
image stability and interlacing, a standard broadcast quality digital
special effects generator coupled with a time base corrector was used.
Live transmissions were also feasible. The system was accurate
enough to provide excellent live stereo images. This system was
ideal for medical and technical applications, as well as such uses
as school video tapes, point of sales uses, corporate tapes, sales
presentations and many other uses.

Didik Model 3-DP was a 3-D 16mm film playback unit employing a
lenticular lens system and was ideal for use for sale
presentations, schools, corporate films, point of sales as well as
numerous other areas.

These systems received an enormous amount of publicity in the
press, world wide and there were thousands of inquiries, but sadly,
the systems did not sell well.

In addition to the above mentioned systems, several other
experimental systems were developed which exhibited superb 3-D
effects. One system, employing both stereo sound, stereo imaging
and other sensory features, may qualify as the first virtual
reality imaging system. Sadly, this system also did not sell well
at the time.
circa 1979

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