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DIDIK/Vari-Vue* 3-D (Stereo) Imaging Technology
The inventor of Lenticular Technology *(Since 1936)

*(Vari-Vue - the creator of Lenticular 3-D and motion technology , coined the word "Lenticular" to describe linier lenses, "Winkies" and others through its predicessor, in the patents of 1936 and other registrations and liturature, in the 1940's and 1950's).


Inventor of the Lenticular Imaging Technique


VariVue's second factory in New York as shown in this 1962 photograph

In the late 1930's, the first multiple image lenticular image was
formed and this was the seed that started the VariVue company.
During this time, Vari-Vue coined the name "lenticular", to
describe their linier lenses, "Winkies" to describe our ever
popular blinking eyes and "Magic-Motion" to describe any
lenticular image containing motion. By
the late 1940's, VariVue had become a household name by producing
millions of animated and stereographic lenticular images which were
available everywhere. These images included everything from
wall hangings, to record album covers, CrackerJack prizes, greeting
cards, post cards, political buttons and so much more. By the
1950's, VariVue's lenticular images had become a craze and many, if
not most famous personalities of the time, wanted to be featured in
VariVue advertisements. At the same time, VariVue buttons were
used in every political campaign throughout the country and were
available everywhere. By the mid-1950's, VariVue images were
available everywhere on earth, including eastern Europe. In the
mid 1960's, VariVue started to license its lenticular imaging
y to key major printing companies around the world.
Licenses were granted to companies in Mexico, Germany, Switzerland,
Spain, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and elsewhere.

VariVue Produced Billboards as shown in this 1955 photograph.


1955 photograph of a VariVue produced billboard.
Please note the 1953 pickup trucks off to the side.
According to records, VariVue billboards created traffic jams!


At first glance, lenticular images seem to use a rather simple
technology. This, however, could not be farther from the truth.
The fact is that lenticular images require a large number of
technologies to produce a quality image. In recognition of this,
VariVue closely guarded its trade secrets and forced all license
holders to sign confidentiality agreements. It is one thing to
understand the basics of the technology, but it is quit
e another
thing to be able to mass produce the images. In addition to
lenticular images, VariVue was one of the first companies to
develop a variety of Fresnel Lenses, the first being released in
1961 and sold under the trade name of Vari-Optics. In 1962,
Varivue started producing specialty lenses and plastics for NASA
and started the "VariVue Aerospace" division.

This version of the VariVue logo was adapted in 1966.

In January, 1986, DIDIK purchased most of the VariVue production
line, the VariVue archive and various intellectual property.
Today, early VariVue images are hot collector items with some
selling for thousands of dollars.
Presently, Frank Didik is working on a comprehensive lenticular
guide book which draws from the vast VariVue archives and other
sources. The book is scheduled for release in mid 1998 and will
be accompanied by a CD-ROM. A documentary is also be
ing discussed.
For additional information on VariVue, you will have to wait for
the book, however, we do welcome any comments and suggestions.
Please send an e-mail message for additional information or to be
placed on our mailing list. Thank you for your interest.

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**"Lenticular™" is a trade name of Vari-Vue™ to describe linier lenses and was coined by a patent in 1936 covering lenticular technology which led to the formal formation of Vari-Vue™ in 1948.

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