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History and Guide Book To
Lenticular Technology on CD-Rom
By Frank X. Didik Copyright 1988 and 2003. All Rights Reserved.
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This publication has been in the works for over 15 years and contains vast and extensive materials from the original Vari-Vue factory archive, which was purchased by the author in January, 1986. Other information was obtained through personal interviews with the founder as well as through the assistance and or information provided by Wonder Graphics of Japan, Topan Printing of Japan, Optigraphics of Texas, Commercial Decal, Pictorial Productions and other major manufacturers of lenticular images.

This publication contains:
lenticular software

A directory of many, if not most lenticular images produced. Covers the 1940's to the mid 1980's. Images are not displayed in 3D on the cd-rom.
Contains the original manufacturer catalog numbers as well as the Didik Universal Catalog Number® (DUCN) for every lenticular.
Contains the original selling price and current value of collectable lenticular images.
Contains thousands of illustrations, photographs and images of lenticulars ranging from stock items, to one of a kinds. Includes rarities and common items such as The Beatles, Elvis, Ed Sullivan, political buttons and thousands of others. This database may also help you get ideas for new images, once you see what has already been produced.
Many original Vari-Vue confidential documents including production runs, price sheets, sales information, annual reports as well as technical and lens information. Many of these were formally considered. Much of this information is raw data and is of a historic nature.
Contains original catalogs and price sheets from Vari-Vue including a detailed list of lenticular lenses.
Contains a directory of shareware related 3-D production software as well as much more data and information.
Also contains a photographic directory of most stereo cameras produced from the 1880's till today.
lenticular software


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A brief history of Vari-Vue™
A history of lenticular from 1692
Mass Production of Lenticular Images
Lenticular™ Lenses and supplies
DIDIK 3-D Digital TV from 1970's
DIDIK main stereo 3-D menu
How to view DIDIK stereo pairs
Directory of 3-D (Stereo) Films
Lenticular™ Licensing Information
Press Kits
Main Section

  Registration Page

lenticular software

Designed to run on an IBM compatible computer with a minimum of 128 megs of ram. Specifications subject to change without notice