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DIDIK/Vari-Vue* 3-D (Stereo) Imaging Technology
The inventor of Lenticular Technology *(Since 1936)

*(Vari-Vue - the creator of Lenticular 3-D and motion technology , coined the word "Lenticular" to describe linier lenses , "Winkies" and others through its predicessor in the patents of 1936 and other registrations in the 1940's and 1950's).

Lenticular Image Production

Stereo 3D Images For Advertising and Industry

   Thank you very much for visiting our lenticular production web
site. We very much want to be your producer of high volume
lenticular images. Since 1986, when we purchased most of the
lenticular production line of the former VariVue company, we have
been at the forefront of high speed lenticular manufacturing
machines and technology. Since that time, we have developed new
technology and machinery capable of producing thousands of h
quality lenticular images per day. In addition, we are using
several types of newly formulated plastics that provide greater
flexibility, higher clarity and finer lines then previously

Today, we can produce virtually any size image with any number
of linier lines per inch, ranging from small .5" x .5" winkies all
the way to highway billboards. Our high speed continuous run
machines are capable of producing thousands of images per day.

Some common uses of lenticular images include:

1. Album covers for CD's
2. Book covers
3. Point of sale displays
4. Greeting cards
5. Toys
6. Conversion cards, tables and rulers
7. "Op-Art" pieces.
8. Magazine advertisements and inserts
9. Fashion accessories
10. Jewelry

And much more.

For a current price quote, please send an e-mail message
including your name, company name, postal address, telephone and
fax number
and a description of the lenticular image that you have
in mind. Please include the size, approximate number and when you
need the finished product. We will be happy to work with you or
your advertising agency art director throughout the project to
create the most effective, sales grabbing image possible. Thank
you very much for considering us to produce your next volume
lenticular image. All communication is held in the strictest of
confidence by us.
December 3, 1997

Size Single Print 25-50 51-100 101-500 501-5000 5001+

Product tags Please call
Postcard Pleaes call
8x10 $175 $18 $18 $17 $16 $14
9x12 220 29 27 24 22 21
11x17 350 60 50 42 38 33
18x24 550 125 110 93 84 79
Sizes up to 6 feet by 18 feet: Please call

Prices are net, FOB orig
Prices subject to change without notice.
Payment is cash with order.
Delivery will be advised upon order placement.
All orders must include signed contract.
We reserve the right to reject any order for any reason.

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**"Lenticular" is a trade name used by Vari-Vue™ to describe linier lenses and was coined in a 1936 patent covering lenticular technology which led to the formal formation of Vari-Vue™ in 1948.

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